December 10 - 12, 2017 | The Highland, Dallas, TX

Robert Lanning

Director, People Analytics, Insights & Research
Andeavor, formerly Tesoro
Robert Lanning is Head of People Resources: Analytics, Insights, and Research at Andeavor (formerly Tesoro), an oil and gas firm that is a Fortune 100 and a Fortune Global 500 company. One of the pioneers in the HR/People Analytics field, Robert has been delivering deep insights from Big Data for over 30 years for multiple industries including oil and gas, IT, retail, health, and services industries. He has completed major data analytics projects for the US Air Force, Rackspace, and Targetbase. More than an experienced “number cruncher,” he also leads project teams to implement solutions to the workforce deployment issues identified in his data analysis. A well-known speaker in data science circles, Robert gives compelling presentations that show businesses how People Analytics can drive competitive advantage and make HR a strategic business partner. He has a master’s degree in data science from Western Governors University. His bachelor’s degree, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, is in accounting with a specialization in Information Systems.

10:35 AM Build, Buy or Borrow? Developing a People Analytics Team — Start Making a Data-Driven Workforce Strategy

How do you launch a People Analytics team? The adage “Build, Buy or Borrow” comes from the three main approaches to developing a Human Capital analytics function. Builders assemble their team from scratch, either developing the analytics capabilities of in-house HR staff or retraining company quants (finance professionals, statisticians, IT database staff, etc). Buyers, who have the funds to do so, can hire top talent away from competitors or recruit the small trickle of grad students with degrees in the field. Borrowers, use apps and outsourced staff to crunch the numbers and build reports and dashboards for them. Whatever your approach, a well-staffed People Analytics team will give you the power to make data-driven decisions on hiring, training and deployment that are business critical.

• Companies have begun assembling their own People Analytics teams through recruiting from an array of unlikely fields —economists, physicists, industrial psychologists
• Still other firms have taken a more aggressive approach, building their own in-house “universities” aimed at teaching data science to a wide array of managers, distributing the culture of analytics throughout the firm

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