December 10 - 12, 2017 | The Highland, Dallas, TX

Rob Ollander

Director of Talent Planning and Performance
Gap Inc.

6:10 PM Before You Buy HR Tech . . . Challenging Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Rob Ollander-Krane is an HR thought leader known for designing and developing a pathbreaking philosophy and approach to performance management at Gap Inc. The approach, called GPS: Grow Perform Succeed, focuses less on the management aspects of performance management and more on the actions leaders can take to drive performance and engage employees. Its all about informal discussions of performance that occur on a monthly cadence. And less about documenting them.

This innovative approach has garnered much attention. Its has been written about in numerous business and HR magazines and was developed into a Harvard Business School MBA program case study. Rob has shared the GPS story at talent management and HR conferences across the US and has been invited to guest lecture at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Boston Universities. So what’s the connection to an HR Tech conference? Rob is often surprised when he talks to HR leaders in other companies who are considering making changes to performance management. They start the conversation by talking about the system they use. Rob believes that’s the wrong place to start. The system should support the process. You have to start with identifying your talent philosophy and process. For Gap Inc., the question is, “If we are trying to focus on discussions, do we even need a system?”

In this unique and think-outside-the-box session, Rob will share the GPS story and explain how different it is from traditional performance management. Then he will interview Vip Sandhir, the CEO of HighGround, an HR Tech vendor that provides employee engagement software for achieving peak performance, strengthening cultural values and understanding the voice of the employee. He is going to ask Vip the challenging questions a practitioner should ask when trying to decide if a system can provide this new and innovative process.

This session isn’t a case study— It’s live market research.

The two companies do not currently work with each other, nor have a pending contract. It’s a don’t miss if you are trying to find vendors who can adapt their tools to meet the needs of HR leaders who are being asked to innovate… and at least in the performance management space, we are definitely being asked to innovate.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Rob.

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