December 10 - 12, 2017 | The Highland, Dallas, TX

Kate Rushton

Senior Sourcing Manager, Global Therapeutic Operations and Medical Affairs
Kate leads sourcing for the Commercial and Worldwide Medical operations at Biogen. Kate’s focus in her role has been developing a globally engaged sourcing team who are true talent and business partners. In her roles at Biogen and previously at Liberty Mutual and Boston Scientific, she has introduced a number of new recruiting technologies such as engaging millennial candidates with text message-based recruiting as well as using Artificial Intelligence-powered applicant tracking systems that scour the internet and social media universe to auto-generate hiring profiles of top tech talent. In the talent acquisition field, Kate has distinguished herself by focusing on the intersection of sourcing, branding and technology. To drive her sourcing mission, she is optimizing sourcing strategies for talent needs, creating operational efficiencies for the team, delivering on quality for business client and candidate satisfaction, while embracing innovation via new technology and training. In her spare time, Kate enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her family. Her passion is for people and engaging top talent, by staying up to date with new technologies and continuous improvement of the candidate experience.

2:45 PM Reimagine the Candidate Journey: How Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are Ramping Up the Speed of Recruitment

Job candidates now desire the customer experience. And that means tech — from recruiting to onboarding. Candidates now expect career site portals that narrate a company’s culture through video, virtual reality and social media that offers candid employee-centered narratives of a company’s culture. With many people living much of their lives through their phones, recruiters use video interviews, texting and even chatbots to reach candidates at a scale not seen before. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, several apps can analyze thousands of resumes in seconds while scouring social media databases to build a customized talent pipeline specific to niche, industry, job and region. Ultimately, this new tech-enabled process is about being available to interact with a candidate on their terms, rather than just meet the immediate needs of recruiters.

• Video interviewing technology can analyze facial expressions for levels of empathy, motivation and engagement
• Other apps deploy AI and algorithms to measure a candidate’s core competences in grit, curiosity and teamwork that aren’t readily visible in a resume or standard interview
• Game-changer case studies of how video interviewing speeds up the hiring of frontline workers while text-based recruiting is quickly supplanting the traditional college job fair game
• Case study of how one company developed a mobile-first job app that reduced both the application process to just ten minutes while significantly decreasing their time to hire

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